SOILdarity at the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers

SOILdarity researchers from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon have taken part in and contributed to a workshop on soils with Portuguese farmers and advisors. The event took place at the Confederation of the Portuguese Farmers – CAP – on 5 December 2022. What a great way to celebrate the World Soil Day!

During the event, Ana Paula Rosa, a PhD student at the University of Lisbon, holds a practical class on circular soil chromatography, a tool for farmers to have an integrated view of the soil properties.

Soil as a hotspot of biodiversity.

The workshop was also an occasion for the project coordinator, Prof. Cristina Cruz, to provide some insight on the research team’s activities and spotlight soil as a hotspot of biodiversity and a life supporting system.

A module of the event was also dedicated by Dr. Teresa Dias to soil ecology and ecosystem services, who opened a general discussion on how to implement the compensation to farmers based on ecosystem services.

The workshop was a great opportunity for the project team, which was able to graps the main interests and needs of the audience. How to use the knowldge of soil ecology to better implement the ambitions of the Green Deal, the new CAP and the strategy for biodiversity were the most debated issues. The discussion was very lively and focused on the fragilities of the Portuguese Pepac.

The ideas and insights that have been collected during the event will be processed to provide input to the SOILdarity workshop that will take place on 17 January 2023. You cannot miss it!