SOILdarity People

FCiências + Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Cristina Cruz</span>
Cristina Cruz

Cristina is a lecturer in Plant Biology at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, where she has carried out research in the Plant-Soil Ecology Group of the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c).

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Ana Maria Ventura</span>
Ana Maria Ventura

Ana is a sociologist and an expert in environmental planning and rural development. She works for the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and collaborates with several NGOs linked to agriculture and regional development.

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Ângela Antunes</span>
Ângela Antunes

Ângela collaborates with FC.ID since 2019 as project manager for International Projects. Previously she has worked as financial and administrative manager of the research group “Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Modelling – CCIAM”.

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Carla Marques</span>
Carla Marques

Carla is the Head of International Projects Department of FC.ID. She collaborates with FC.ID since 2008 and has experience in International R&D projects management (Framework Programmes, ESA, EUMETSAT, COST). She has large experience in international project management.

MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Michael (Iggy) Litaor</span>
Michael (Iggy) Litaor

Iggy is the head of the Hydrogeochemistry Lab at MIGAL and Chairperson of the Master Program (M.Sc.) of water sciences, at the Tel Hai College in Israel. Since 1996, he studies the hydro-geochemistry of phosphorus in wetlands and in altered wetland soils. Most recently, his research focuses on the development of integrated solution systems for precision irrigation and fertilizer management.

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Uri Marchaim</span>
Uri Marchaim

Uri is the head of the department for rural development and the coordinator of “Precision
Agriculture” at MIGAL. He has a 40-year research experience on anaerobic digestion of organic wastes, wastewater treatment, composting organic materials, examining the effect of pathogens and hazards to the environment.

University of Ghent (UGent)

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Abdul Mouazen</span>
Abdul Mouazen

Abdul is Full Professor in precision soil and crop management and group leader of the Precision SCoRing Group at UGent. He holds a PhD degree in numerical modelling of soil-tillage tools interaction. His experience in vis-NIR spectroscopy and chemometric tools enabled him to develop one of three internationally patented online measurement systems of soil properties. Abdul is currently the scientific coordinator of the H2020 project SIEUSOIL.

<span class="has-inline-color has-primary-color">Lalit Mohan Kandpal</span>
Lalit Mohan Kandpal

Lalit is a Postdoc Researcher in the Precision Scoring group at UGent. His fields of interest include advance sensing technologies and their applications, data mining and processing. From 2017 to 2019, Lalit worked as a Postdoc and Research Professor at the Chungnam National University in South Korea, where he developed his skills in spectroscopy/imaging and chemometric modelling for quality analysis of agri-food and pharmaceutical products.