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Combining bio-fertilizer application with precision agriculture technologies

The latest SOILdarity specialized course. The course on biofertilizers will include theoretical lectures about biofertilzers type and sources, their agronomic and environmental benefits, variable rate technologies to implement biofertilizers site specifically, and the potential socio-economic and environmental benefits of combining biofertilizers with variable rate technologies. The online course will be integrated by a field trip […]

Specialized training on sustainable business modelling: bridging science to farmers, industry, and market

Boosting the impact of research activities and making their results exploitable can be a challenge for reseachers, as they may lack competences or resurces to prepare dissemination or exploitation strategies. The challenge could also be harder if the research result is also a business enabler. The Content of the Course SOILdarity organises an intensive training […]

Raising awareness on soil health living labs

Soil health living labs are becoming increasingly popular in Europe as a way to promote sustainable farming practices and improve soil health. These labs are designed to be a collaboration of farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders, with the goal of sharing information and best practices for improving soil health with the broader agricultural community. The […]

Two SOILdarity webinars are better than one

Are you interested in learning more about soil monitoring and reforestation? Then mark your calendars for January 26th and 27th, and join us for our informative webinar series on these important topics. WEBINAR – 26 January 2023 Soil monitoring On January 26th, we will delve into the latest techniques and technologies for monitoring soil health. […]

Soils, where food begins

5 December 2022 is World Soil Day. This year the main them is the connection between soils and what we eat. #Soils4nutrition Soil nutrient loss is a major soil degradation processes threatening nutrition and is recognized as being among the most important problems at a global level for food security and sustainability all around the globe. […]

Soil Ecology in Dry Ecosystems – SOILdarity Intensive Training Course

The third SOILdarity specialised training course is getting started! The objective of the course is to offer the participants the chance to acquire fundamental understanding of the soil ecology characteristics of the dry ecosystems and be able to identify soil as a regenerative element of ecological sustainability. In doing so, the course will strengthen the capacities of […]

SOILdarity – Summer School

School period: 19/09/2022 – 23/09/2022 Free registration: Location: Lisbon, Portugal The Soildarity Summer School is organized as an intensive course of 1 full week and targets young researchers and MSc graduate students from the University of Lisbon. The course also involves external attendees with professional links and interest in the subject. All the participants […]