Research excellence training programme on how to write scientific papers

Writing an effective scientific paper is not easy. Scientific writing and publication imply communicating the results of a researcher’s work. Effective scientific dissemination and communication is an important component of a researcher’s practice, and should be cultivated at an early stage of the career.

The aim of this course is to guide young researchers of FC.ID and CIÊNCIAS through all stages of the publication process, allowing them to plan their writing and publication methods, and ultimately improve their publication record, which is essential for their academic career, with much greater care. It offers a guide through all principles of publication, using a broad variety of tools and principles that can be used to take control of one’s publication strategies. This allows PhD students and young scientists to take off on a flying start: knowledge and skills that would otherwise be the result of a long process of trial and error are now ready-at-hand for them to use at the very beginnings of their scholarly career.

Programme |

8th June 2022 |

Instructor: Dr. Froeyman (UGENT)

Introduction and instruction; Theoretical course (recorded session)

  • How to pick a journal
  • How to write a paper
  • How to write an abstract
  • Paper written, what now
  • Paper published, what now
  • PhD papers & monograph
  • How to publish books
14th–15th June 2022 |

Instructor: Dr. Froeyman (UGENT)

Individual zoom session with Dr. Froeyman:

  • Theoretical content will be applied in the individual zoom-session.

Assignments to be carried out over 8–14 June:

  • Students will apply the learned method to their own paper based on the relevant activities
  • Students work on their own and each other’s abstracts
16th June 2022 |

Instructor: Prof. Mouazen and Dr. Munnaf (UGENT), Prof. Litaor (MIGAL)

Theoretical lectures

  • Preparation of figures & tables
  • Elements of statistics & methodology of scientific research.
  • Elements of result & discussion.

Assignments: Students will apply the learned method to their own paper.

The implementation of the course contributes to fulfil the task 3.1 of the project SOILdarity “Assessment of the cross-cutting needs and research excellence tools to improve skills in research management, specifically the research excellence intensive training course on how to write scientific papers.